About the Pipeline Project

The Pipeline Project 2 is a crowdsourced initiative to replicate original unpublished studies in independent laboratories. Twelve research groups have each volunteered one unpublished finding, supported by initial evidence from their laboratory, to be replicated by teams in other locations. We want to see if you can predict which original effects will replicate, and also variability across cultural contexts and methodological factors.

Pipeline Project 1

The first pipeline project (Schweinsberg et al., 2016 in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology), conducted pre-publication independent replications (PPIRs) of 10 unpublished findings from a single research laboratory. These PPIRs were carried out by replication teams at 25 partner institutions. The results of the first pipeline project indicate that: 1) replicating unpublished research findings in independent laboratories prior to submission is a viable approach to improving the reliability of our science, and 2) even when both original and replication studies are conducted transparently, many findings that appeared reliable in the original investigation will subsequently fail to replicate. 

What's new in Pipeline Project 2?

In the Pipeline Project 2, we have opened the PPIR process to original authors and replication researchers across the world. 12 research teams nominated their own unpublished finding for replication by independent teams at other institutions. We have further organized scores of replication laboratories and graduate and undergraduate methods classes into replication teams who have adopted these original studies and carried out independent replications.


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